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*Please be aware that the image above is an illustrative example of the expected appearance of the ball.

Craig Black is a Scottish Visual Artist celebrated for his mastery of the “Acrylic Fusion” technique, a distinctive artistic style that sets him apart in the world of contemporary art. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of originality, Craig Black specializes in crafting bespoke artwork, immersive installations, and live performances that captivate the imagination of viewers worldwide.
Join Craig Black and Wilson in this fantastic endeavor, where art meets the field for a great cause, and witness the magic of “Acrylic Fusion” art in action.

Place your bid to win a One-Of-A-Kind Wilson NFL Duke ball created by Craig Black. All money will be donated to the NFL Foundation UK.
Donate to enter the competition.
Last day to participate: Sunday 15th October, 2023
Winner will be announced: Tuesday 17th October, 2023